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Bozeman Deaconess Earns STAR Program Certification


Today, Bozeman Deaconess Health Services announced it has earned its STAR Program Certification from Oncology Rehab Partners, leading experts in the field of survivorship care. By becoming STAR Program Certified, Bozeman Deaconess Rehabilitation Services is recognized as offering excellent cancer rehabilitation services to its patients who suffer from debilitating side effects caused by treatments.

"Receiving this certification is both an honor and confirmation of our commitment to the high-quality care we provide all our patients, particularly during follow-up care after treatment," said Cheri Wells, Speech-Language Pathology and STAR Coordinator of Bozeman Deaconess Rehabilitation Services. According to Spencer Green, manager of Bozeman Deaconess Cancer Center, "STAR Program Certification indicates we are dedicated to providing the best possible care for cancer patients in every stage of their treatment and recovery."

To become certified, Bozeman Deaconess Rehabilitation Services executed Oncology Rehab Partners STAR Program Certification, a conventional medicine and evidence-based standardized model of oncology rehabilitation service delivery, successfully implementing the programs evaluation and treatment protocols and rehabilitation training. These services are covered by health insurance providers and are offered to patients by a knowledgeable and sensitive medical staff specially trained to work with survivors of all forms of cancer.

Specialty caregivers from a pool of disciplines, including physicians, physical and occupational therapists, speech pathologists, dieticians and mental health professionals, work together with each patient on a personalized rehabilitation plan to increase strength and energy, alleviate pain, and improve daily function and quality of life.

STAR Program Certification from the Massachusetts-based Oncology Rehab Partners provides hospitals and cancer centers with the tools needed to quickly and effectively implement an exceptional survivorship care plan.

For more information on the STAR Program, call Bozeman Deaconess Rehabilitation Services at 406-414-1002.