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Financial Services

Financial Services

As a nonprofit hospital, Bozeman Health is committed to providing high quality, compassionate medically necessary health care services to all patients regardless of ability to pay. We understand that health issues are stressful and sometimes the financial burden attached to them adds to the stress.

Health insurance plans can be confusing. If you are unsure of your coverage for a particular medical procedure or test, call the customer service telephone number on your insurance card before scheduling a procedure. Your insurance policy is a contract between you and your insurance company. As a service to you, Bozeman Health will send a claim to your insurance company for all services we provide to you. By working together, we can minimize misunderstandings, payment delays and billing costs. Please be aware, you are responsible for any charges not covered by your benefit plan.

Depending on your insurance plan, you may be required to get approval (pre-certification) before you receive hospital services. Obtaining approval does not guarantee that the cost of the service is completely covered by your benefit plan. If Bozeman Health does not participate in your insurance plan, you may still receive services at our facility. Please be aware that if your insurance does not participate with Bozeman Health, your insurance company will consider our services as "out of network" and you will most likely be responsible for paying more out of your pocket.

Any individual at or below the Federal Poverty income level, dependent on family size, will be eligible to receive a full write-off of the self-pay portion of incurred charges. Any uninsured individual with income under 250% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines will be eligible to receive a discount from charges based on guidelines.

In some cases, full or partial assistance may be provided to insured individuals with gross family incomes above 250% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines adjusted for family size.

Catastrophic financial assistance is available to individuals who have a large balance remaining after all third party payments have been taken into account. If the patient's financial responsibility is greater than 50% of the family's annual household income, the excess amount will be treated as catastrophic financial assistance and written off of the patient's account. This policy applies only to inpatient, outpatient or emergency room services and is not applicable to professional fees, unless the professional is an employee of Bozeman Health Medical Group.

A Guide to Your Hospital Bill

Bozeman Health is pleased to provide this information to help you understand our patient billing practices.


As a routine practice, the hospital attempts to collect all known patient expenses prior to the delivery of services, when appropriate, or while the patient is in the hospital. This includes deductibles, co-pays and co-insurance amounts. Because treatment plans may change during your stay, it is difficult to know our final total charges at the time of admission or discharge from the hospital. It is possible that charges may be added to your account after discharge.


If you have current insurance coverage, the hospital will bill your insurance carrier shortly after healthcare services have been rendered. You will receive a monthly statement illustrating how much we expect you and your insurance company to pay.

Each visit to the hospital will create a new visit number that will be listed separately on your statement. This enables us to track payments more accurately. After several attempts to get your insurance company to pay without success, the hospital may ask for your assistance in getting the bill paid. Once payment from your primary insurance is received, the hospital will also submit a bill to your secondary insurer if applicable.

If you do not have insurance, a bill will be sent to you shortly after services are rendered, or after you are discharged from the hospital, requesting payment of the balance due. If you are unable to pay the entire amount, or wish to make payment arrangements, please contact our Customer Service Department at the phone number on your bill.


Bozeman Health offers a program to help uninsured patients find services and benefits available to them and to assist them in getting their medical bills paid. The program, Medical Advocacy Services in Healthcare (MASH), employs a patient care advocate based at Bozeman Health who assists uninsured patients whose medical bills exceed a certain amount. The MASH advocate may contact you if your hospital visit/admission qualifies for assistance. Our goal is to match patients with funding sources for they qualify such as Medicaid, Social Security and various other programs.

If you have a balance due after your insurance company has paid, or if you are uninsured, you may qualify for financial assistance. Financial assistance is available if you are unable to pay your bill or if a financial hardship would result if you were required to pay your bill in full.

There are two ways you can qualify for a full or partial discount. You can automatically qualify if your annual household income is less than 250% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines for your size of family. If you don’t meet this requirement, you may still qualify based on your individual circumstances. In either case, a Financial Assistance Application must be completed. Each application is reviewed on an individual basis with eligibility based on family size, income, assets and outstanding debt.

It is your responsibility to provide information requested during the qualification process; you will continue to receive a bill until eligibility has been determined. For further information, please contact Patient Financial Services at (406) 414-1720 or you can find the financial assistance policy and application online at: Mouse over Our Services and click on Financial Assistance under Financial Services on the right.


For your convenience, visit— Mouse over Our Services and click on Pay Online under Financial Services on the right. Follow the instructions to register.

Pay Bills Online

Online Bill Pay:

  • Pay and view both Bozeman Health Deaconess Hospital and Bozeman Health Medical Group accounts online.
  • Combine multiple accounts and guarantor numbers under a single username.
  • Easily track payments and statements online any time of the day.
  • Pay multiple accounts in one transaction.
  • Quickly and easily email a Patient Account Representative through our secure website.

By clicking the button below, you will leave the Bozeman Health site and be taken to our online bill pay vendor's site.
Online Bill Pay

Financial Assistance

Bozeman Health is committed to providing access to emergency and medically necessary healthcare services to patients who are uninsured or have limited insurance available.

Generally speaking, to be eligible for discounted charges, patients must have family incomes under 250% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines. To be eligible for free care, patients must have family incomes at or below the Federal Poverty Guidelines.

Financial assistance also may be available in other limited circumstances, depending on the size of the patient’s medical bills and whether the patient meets certain other criteria for eligibility.

Patients may apply for financial assistance by completing a Financial Assistance Application. Copies of the Financial Assistance Application, as well as Bozeman Health’s Financial Assistance Policy, are available at

Patients may also receive free copies of the Financial Assistance Application and the policies by mail, by calling 406-414-1015, or may obtain free copies in person at the Bozeman Health Emergency Department, at Bozeman Health Patient Registration areas or at the Bozeman Health Patient Financial Services (PFS) Customer Service Department, 1600 Ellis Street (across Highland Boulevard from the hospital in the Legacy Building).

The Financial Assistance Application and the Financial Assistance Policy (as well as this plain-language summary) are available in both English and Spanish.

Completed Financial Assistance Applications should be submitted to:

Bozeman Health
Attn: Patient Financial Services Customer Service
1600 Ellis Street
Bozeman MT 59715

Applications may be delivered in person to the Patient Financial Services Customer Service, 1600 Ellis Street, Bozeman, MT 59715(across Highland Boulevard form the hospital in the Legacy Building).

Persons seeking more information or needing assistance in completing the Financial Assistance Application may contact the Bozeman Health credit supervisor at 406-414-1015.

A patient qualifying for financial assistance under Bozeman Health’s Financial Assistance Policy with respect to emergency or medically necessary healthcare services will not be charged more than the amounts generally billed by Bozeman Health for the same services to patients who have insurance covering such care.

Bozeman Health's Financial Assistance Policy is available here.

Bozeman Health's Financial Assistance Application is available here.


Bozeman Health Providers Covered by Financial Assistance Policy

The following providers are all supported under Bozeman Health's Financial Assistance Policy.

  • Bozeman Health Deaconess Hospital
  • Bozeman Health Cancer Treatment Center
  • Bozeman Health ER Providers
  • Bozeman Health Medical Group
    • Audiology
    • Belgrade Clinic
    • Bridger Internal Medicine
    • Cardiology Consultants
    • Diabetes Center
    • Ear, Nose, & Throat
    • Family Medicine
    • Family Practice Associates
    • GI Clinic
    • Infectious Disease & Travel Medicine
    • Internal Medicine Associates
    • Nephrology
    • Neuroscience Center
    • Pediatrics
    • Pulmonary and Sleep Medicine
    • Rheumatology
    • Spinelli Internal Medicine
    • Urological Associates
    • Women’s Specialists
    • Wound Clinic and Hyperbaric Medicine
  • Bozeman Health Gallatin Family Medicine
  • Bozeman Health Urgent Cares
  • Bozeman Health Big Sky Medical Center
  • Bozeman Health Same Day Surgery Center

Any other physician or provider of care at Bozeman Health not listed above is not subject to the Financial Assistance Policy.

Financial Assistance Program

Bozeman Health Deaconess Hospital offers a financial assistance program based on income and other guidelines. You may download a financial assistance application here.

Self-Pay Discount

After insurance has been paid, you'll receive a letter from Bozeman Health offering a 5% discount to be applied if bill is paid in full within 15 days. Contact our financial counselor at (406) 414-1711, ten days after your procedure to receive this benefit. This benefit applies to services received in the following locations: Emergency, Radiology, Inpatient and Outpatient Procedures/Surgeries, Endoscopy and Pain Blocks.

Medical Advocacy Services in Healthcare (MASH)

A patient advocate is available to help patients find services and benefits available to them to help them pay their medical bills when they exceed a certain dollar amount.

Montana Medicaid

To apply or to get more information please call the Department of Public Health and Human Services at 1-800-332-2272 or visit the website .