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Know Your Medications

March 29, 2012

Before they can decide how to treat you, physicians need to know what medications you are taking. You can partner with your medical team in providing safe care by keeping a current list of your medications in your wallet, says Bozeman Deaconess Emergency Department Manager Angela Jennings. “Expect to be asked what medications you take when you come to the ER. Knowing what medications you are taking and what you are allergic to has an impact on medical decision making.”

Because medications change and a patient might have more than one provider prescribing their medications, it’s important to keep a list that is current and complete. It’s not enough to know the color of the pill you take,” Jennings says. “The very best medication management system is to ‘own it, carry it and keep it up-to-date.’”

Keep your medication list current and bring it with you to clinic appointments and to the Emergency Department. Some pharmacies have cards you can fill out; handwritten lists are fine, too, and some people keep a list in their cellphone. Your list should include any over-the-counter medication and/or supplements you are taking.
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