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BDHS Plans for Big Sky Medical Center to Proceed

August 8, 2013

On Wednesday, August 7, the final meeting and vote of the Big Sky/West Yellowstone Health Directions Committee took place at Big Sky, MT. Bozeman Deaconess Health Services (BDHS) received the recommendation of the health care consultant hired by the volunteer committee to facilitate the review of the BDHS and Billings Clinic proposals. The final committee vote was 15-13 in favor of recommending the Billings Clinic proposal. While BDHS received the majority of votes from the Big Sky representatives on the committee, the West Yellowstone committee representatives (six members in total) had shared with BDHS leadership prior to last evening’s meeting they would be voting as a block in support of Billings Clinic.

While both organizations proposed the same provider staffing model in West Yellowstone, the West Yellowstone committee representatives preferred Billings’ proposal as it included a new clinic building in their community. Also, they do not support Bozeman Deaconess’ model to continue to partner with the West Yellowstone Community Health Partners (CHP) Clinic to expand primary care coverage and clinic hours in the community. Bozeman Deaconess has always considered Big Sky and West Yellowstone communities as separate, but linked markets. Both of which require—and deserve—unique solutions to augmenting and improving the delivery of local-based health care. We remain fully committed to working with both communities.

Over the past several months, BDHS Board members and senior leadership have received strong support during the meetings held with key stakeholders and business leaders in central and south Gallatin County. Their solid support, coupled with the endorsement from the committee’s consultant, and the strong majority vote from Big Sky committee members, confirms we have the broad community support we were seeking to move forward with our project.

BDHS leadership has begun the process of facility design and defining the scopes of services to be offered. In addition, leadership has initiated an accelerated selection process with qualified architectural and engineering firms and construction managers. Once these selections are completed, BDHS will immediately move to finalize facility design and construction documents and secure required state and local building approvals. Our timeline for the Big Sky Medical Center remains the same—ground-breaking in spring 2014 and opening the new hospital and clinic in late 2015.
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