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Wound Clinic

The Wound Clinic is an interdisciplinary outpatient clinic. Here, patients are treated for complicated, traumatic, or disease related wounds and swelling. We offer a variety of advanced techniques that can help you heal faster.

Lymphedema, which is a condition of persistent swelling, can occur after certain cancer surgeries where lymphnodes are removed. Swelling can also slow down the rate of healing in wounds. Healthcare providers can refer their patients to this Clinic for treatment that utilizes advanced techniques by staff who are specialize in Wounds and Lymphedema. In 2007, we will offer a Hyperbaric Medicine program.

Our staff includes doctors, certified wound and ostomy nursing, certified lymphedema therapist, and wound technicians. We are able to offer referral services for nutrition counseling and orthotic/prosthetic services for diabetic patients. By having a variety of staff to assist your specific needs, we help reduce your time spent trying to find the appropriate providers for your problem.

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