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In 2002, a state-of-the-art Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory (Cath Lab) was established with half of the funding coming from charitable contributions. This facility enabled physicians and technicians to perform diagnostic procedures and...


In 1998, through the Destination Home Capital Campaign, a state-of-the-art cancer center was established with a new Linear Accelerator for the provision of local radiation therapy. Expanded services enabled patients and their families to avoid costly and stressful travel for this lengthy treatment.

In 2000, 3-Dimensional and Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) technology was acquired to upgrade the Linear Accelerator, vastly improving cure rates by allowing for maximum dosage of radiation while minimizing long-term side effects to healthy tissue and organs.

In 2004, the BAT system was added. BAT is an ultrasound-based organ localization device that results in rapid and precise localization of internal anatomy during radiation treatment. BAT is also considered a valuable tool for treating cancers of the breast, bladder, liver, pancreas and neck.

In 2006, medical oncology and radiation oncology services were integrated together in an expanded cancer healing center, largely funded through charitable donations. The center promotes a team approach to oncology care. Bozeman Deaconess Cancer Center utilizes the latest diagnostic technology available, from state-of-the-art mammography equipment to CT scanners, Bozeman Deaconess' expert cancer team of oncologists, surgeons, radiologists, urologists, OB/GYNs, gastroenterologists, dermatologists and pathologists work together to effectively diagnose and treat cancer wherever it strikes.

In 2014, due in large part to charitable gifts received, a new Linear Accelerator was installed for radiation treatments. This system is housed in a door-less vault and allows patients to receive maximum doses of radiation while protecting healthy tissue.

Pete Hanson endorses Bozeman Deaconess Cancer Center.
Linear Accelerator
Linear Accelerator
Construction 1
February 2, 2013
Construction 2
February 2, 2013
Construction 3
February 2, 2013
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